Krosmaster figurinesEdit

There is a total of 49 Figurines that can be collected in either Dofus, Wakfu or Krosmaster Arena.

How to obtain Krosmaster Figurines:

  • Krosboxes (loot from all monsters, drop chance is about 0,01%)- Dofus.
  • Blindboxes.
  • Gift or subscribtion Codes.
  • Buy figurines for a small fee at make sure to use google chrome for translate unless you are french.
  • Buy figurines at for 200 Kroz each figurine.
  • In Dofus you can go to Krosmaster house at [5,3] and there you can buy/sell figurines and krosboxes.
  • You can also buy krosboxes at [5,3] for kroken(s) 4 krokens = 1 box, you can obtain kroken by exhanging a figurine to the merchant, 1 figurine = 1 kroken. you can also get krokens by doing the daily quest for the guy at Krosmaster house. (the quest gives you 1 kroken if you win 1 krosmaster match, once a day)

Each figurine has a rarity, some figurines are easier to get than others, the higher level the figurine is the less likely you are to get it. by opening 100 krosboxes you might get 1,2 or 3 rares of lvl 5 or higher.

'Below you will find all krosmaster figurines and in level order                             ' (tap the picture for more details)Edit

Level 6

Level 5

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1