Teamsetups and strategiesEdit

Rush team:

2x Srammy

2x Cao gulary

1x Goultard

35 initiative

This teamsetup is very strong in closequarters against lvl 5's or higher, good mobility as long you stay close to the srammy's. 3rd turn is when you want to engage on the enemy (if you have 10ap on goultard you can 2x sword of the just and then supercut, and that will most likely oneshot most of the lvl 5's)

High poke team:

1x Nox

1x Luk ylook

2x Cao gulary

2x Quentin flush

32 initiative

Just sit back and play defensive while poking down the enemy and enjoy victory. you can also use 1x Quentin flush and Di curey instead, so that you will get some healing abilities.

Team merkator aka bruiser: 

1x Merkator

1x Luk ylook

1x Srammy

2x Cao gulary

28 initiative

if you start first, push get far ahead by pushing your srammy or merkator towards kamas, loot em stack up many buffs on merkator, when the time is right you will strike hard.'

Team unbeatable:

2x Cao gulary

2x Quentin flush

1x Di curey

1x Fern Sock'em

1x Count frigost

This is the strongest team setup ive ever put up personally to me, it has such a strong defense and by far the most damage output per turn. play defensive, collect kamas and just enjoy victory, my winstreak as with this team was 49 in a row. the only team that ive lost to with this team was rush team, wich you can see above.